Objectives, vision and mission of the center




In order to expand research and provide a solution in the field of health and treatment and eradication of infectious and tropical diseases, a research center has been set up with the cooperation of domestic scientific, research and health centers in the country and neighboring countries to:

- Conducting basic epidemiological and clinical researches in order to reform the health care system of Iran in order to meet the needs of Islamic society.

- Encouraging, encouraging and employing researchers

-Scientific cooperation with research centers and international organization in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Our plans to achieve these goals include:

-Providing and implementing applied infectious diseases research and related sciences

- Establish a research prioritization system at the center

- Identify and interact with relevant centers

-Increase and create the right space for research

Announcing the research priorities, the center invites all researchers interested in research. The research focuses of the center include various aspects of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, malaria, Congo fever, diarrhea and hepatitis, acquired and primary immunodeficiency, upper and lower respiratory infections, intercourse.




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