PhD Research Center

Recruitment of two PhD students in the subgroups of histology, infectious diseases and microbiology

1- Ms. Bita Modi in the Department of Infectious Diseases Histology Department, Supervisor Ms. Dr. Zahra Heidari, Year of entry 2013
Thesis Title: Evaluation of some biomarkers of cell growth and apoptosis and liver histomorphology to identify cases of hepatocellular carcinoma caused by HBV: an immunohistochemical study, stereology, QRT-PCR reaction and electron microscopy.
Dr. Bita Modi graduated in 1398 and is currently a full-time faculty member of the center.
2- Ms. Rouhi Afkari in the Department of Microbiology, Supervisor Dr. Mohammad Bakaian, Year of arrival 1394
Thesis title: Evaluation of the simultaneous effect of consumption of probiotic oxalate degrading bacteria (turbidity 11 10) and extracts of four plants effective on reducing urinary oxalate in laboratory rats 

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