Upgrading research score

Upgrading the evaluation score of the research performance of Zahedan Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Center in recent years

Evaluation of research activities of medical universities in the country is one of the main tasks of the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, which has been done on a trial basis since 2001 and every year since 2002 using written forms and relevant instructions.

Evaluation is the process of systematically gathering information in order to gain comprehensive and quantitative knowledge, improve performance, learn, be accountable, communicate, and plan for the future. Accordingly, empowerment evaluation is part of the rational evaluation perspective in which evaluation concepts, techniques, and findings are used to promote progress and development. Evaluation of medical universities in order to implement National Action No. 11 is one of the comprehensive scientific plans of the country. Based on this strategy, it is necessary to design an efficient system for monitoring, evaluation and establishment of comprehensive ranking systems.

Evaluation points of the center in recent years:

Year 2011: 785.25

Year 2012: 1019

Year 2013: 1330.38

Year 2014: 1309.94

Year 2015: h = 15

Year 2016: h = 15

Year 2017: h = 19

Year 2018: h = 11

Year 2019: h = 10

Research plans and priorities of the center

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